Education Opportunities


Student Counseling Services provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to receive training and earn certificates in the following areas:

Certificate title earning requirements
Mental Health Wellness & Knowledge 2022-2023 Attend seven out of ten presentations in the series
Violence Intervention and Prevention: Creating Safe Communities Program for Medical/Health Professionals 2023 Attend three out of four presentations in the series

Drugs: From prescription to addiction to recovery 2022-2023 Attend four out of five presentations in the series
Certificate of Inclusive Care 2022-2023 Attend four out of six presentations in the series

If you are close to earning the certificate but didn't meet the requirements, you may view one recording from each series and write a one-page double-spaced reflection to earn the certificate.


We offer various online and in-person health and wellness presentations and training sessions throughout the year. You can browse and register for upcoming education opportunities through Campus Groups.

Groups offering education opportunities include: