Services and Support

Personal, professional, and academic work-life integration may feel challenging at times. Student Counseling Services offers various services, programs, and resources to support our students.

Individual Counseling Services

Appointments for individual counseling services and therapy are offered by the Student Counseling Services staff. This service is confidential and available to all students, free of charge.

Reasons to Seek Service

Professional School Adjustment Death, Grief, and Loss Anxiety
Substance Abuse/Gambling Home Sickness Stress
Relationship Concerns Eating Disorders Loneliness
Communication Issues Depression Anger

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Outreach Programs

Visit Student Counseling Services Campus Groups to stay up to date on events and learn more about our outreach programs.

Denim Day

Join Touro Nevada, and thousands of others across the globe every April to stand in solidarity with victims of sexual assault. Wear jeans during this annual event to show your support for the Denim Day movement.


Depression Screenings

We offer anonymous depression screenings during October for National Depression and Awareness Month. 

Self-Care Buffet

This wellness event provides free self-care tools to students to help them navigate the stressors of graduate school. We give away sensory items to calm the nerves, mindfulness items to increase awareness, and personal health items to promote physical wellness.

Suicide Postvention

A journey through the grief when we have lost someone to suicide.

Friday Feel Good

Friday Feel Good was designed with the intent to provide a safe space for students to play, connect, and decompress from the stresses of grad school. Stop by for 5 minutes or 50 minutes. You deserve the break! Check your Touro email for the latest Friday Feel Good invitation details.

Plus One Program

Student Counseling Services has partnered with The Office of Academic Services and Institutional Support (OASIS) to create the Plus One Program as a way for our behind-the-scenes contributors to find support and connect with one another. The Plus One initiative gives your loved ones a safe space of their own to relate, release, and recharge; whether it is your intimate partner, your best friend, or your roommate.  We offer virtual events and chats for all Plus Ones in the Touro Nevada community to thrive together.

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