Michael Tang Regional Center for Clinical Simulation

In our state-of-the-art medical simulation facility, we provide realistic learning opportunities for the next generation of healthcare providers. You will develop your medical knowledge, patient care, professionalism, and communications skills in our educational center.

Mission Statement

To develop, deliver, and evaluate pre-clinical, graduate, and interprofessional healthcare simulation education and training activities for students, faculty, staff, and clinical practitioners through simulation techniques, training technology, and practice assessment to enhance competencies and strengthen collaborative practice.

The Basic Assumption

We believe that everyone participating in activities at Touro University Nevada is intelligent, capable, cares about doing their best and wants to improve.™ - The Center for Medical Simulation 

Facilities and Training

Our students gain hands-on experience through The Michael Tang Regional Center for Clinical Simulation. You will be prepared to treat your patients with simulations using patient actors, manikins, task trainers, and more at our 18,000 square foot facility. 


The interior of the Tang Regional Center for clinical simulation.

Training Equipment: 

Two people at the anatomage table.


Tang Center Forms, Guides, and Resources

The forms, guides, and resources are for faculty members. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A Standardized Patient is a person who is trained to portray a patient in a medical scenario by acting out symptoms, characteristics, and concerns of a real patient. The standardized patient is given a case based on a real patient and is interviewed or examined by you as if you were in a doctor's office or clinic. We use standardized patients as a tool to teach and evaluate you. 

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