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The Engelstad Research Complex for Biomedical & Human Performance Research

The Engelstad Research Complex is committed to serving humanity and contributing to intellectual progress through insightful scientific research at Touro Nevada.

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Touro Nevada takes a proactive goal in promoting health and wellness in our community. As part of our institutional mission, we strive to use research to advance health and human services. We collaborate with national and international research institutions and award grants and fellowships to foster faculty and student research.

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Groundbreaking Discovery May Lead to New Treatments for AIDS

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More From Groundbreaking Discovery May Lead to New Treatments for AIDS
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Horizontal Transfer of Malignant Traits & Extracellular Vesicles in Metastasis

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Selected Publications

  • Santos, M.F., Rappa, G., Karbanová, J., Diana, P., Cirrincione, G., Carbone, D., Manna, D., Aalam, F., Wang, D., Vanier, C., Corbeil, D., and Lorico, A.(2023). HIV-1-induced nuclear invaginations mediated by VAP-A, ORP3, and Rab7 complex explain infection of activated T cells. Nature Communications, accepted.
  • Arena, G.O.; Forte, S.; Abdouh, M.; Vanier, C.; Corbeil, D.; Lorico, A. Horizontal Transfer of Malignant Traits and the Involvement of Extracellular Vesicles in Metastasis. Cells 2023, 12, 1566.
  • Santos, M.F.; Rappa, G.; Fontana, S.; Karbanová, J.; Aalam, F.; Tai, D.; Li, Z.; Pucci, M.; Alessandro, R.; Morimoto, C.; Corbeil, D.; Lorico, A. Anti-Human CD9 Fab Fragment Antibody Blocks the Extracellular Vesicle-Mediated Increase in Malignancy of Colon Cancer Cells. Cells 2022, 11, 2474.
  • Santos, M.F.; Rappa, G.; Karbanová, J.; Fontana, S.; Di Bella, M.A.; Pope, M.R.; Parrino, B.; Cascioferro, S.M.; Vistoli, G.; Diana, P.; Cirrincione, G.; Arena, G.O.; Woo, G.; Huang, K.; Huynh, T.; Moschetti, M.; Alessandro, R.; Corbeil, D.; Lorico, A. Itraconazole Inhibits Nuclear Delivery of Extracellular Vesicle Cargo by Disrupting the Entry of Late Endosomes into the Nucleoplasmic Reticulum. Journal of Extracellular Vesicles 2021, 10, e12132.
  • Santos, M.F.; Rappa, G.; Karbanová, J.; Kurth, T.; Corbeil, D.; Lorico, A. VAMP-Associated Protein-A and Oxysterol-Binding Protein-Related Protein 3 Promote the Entry of Late Endosomes into the Nucleoplasmic Reticulum. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2018, 293, 13834–13848.
  • Funk RS, Singh RK, Becker ML: Metabolomic Profiling to Identify Molecular Biomarkers of Cellular Response to Methotrexate In Vitro. Clin Transl Sci. 2020 Jan;13(1):137-146.
  • Singh RK, van Handel L, Kiptoo P, Becker ML, Siahaan TJ, Funk RS: Methotrexate disposition, anti-folate activity, and efficacy in the collagen-induced arthritis mouse model. Eur J Pharmacol. 2019 Apr 2; 853:264-274.
  • Singh RK, van Handel L, Herath DP, Ye SQ, Leeder JS, Becker ML, Funk RS: Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase Deficiency Potentiates the Anti-proliferative Activity of Methotrexate through Enhanced Depletion of Intracellular ATP. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2018 Apr;365(1):96- 106

Research Interests

Research by faculty and students is encouraged in all the College of Osteopathic Medicine and the College of Health and Human Services programs.  


Basic Sciences

The Department of Basic Sciences encourages faculty research, providing each faculty member with dedicated time and space for research, as well as funding for supplies, technical assistance, and encouragement for both intramural and extramural collaboration. 


Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory is a collaborative space where students from across the university have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on cutting-edge research in areas such as obesity, medical device development and pharmaceutical trials.


Physician Assistant Studies

Students and faculty in the PA program have multiple research investigations currently underway including patient-provider communication among different cultures, impact of wilderness experience on health indicators, intention to provide healthcare to the homeless and its determinants, and public perception of physician assistants as healthcare providers.


Occupational Therapy

Through research, faculty members expand their knowledge related to occupational performance across the lifespan while addressing our curricular themes of occupation-based, evidence-based, social justice, and leadership. 


Physical Therapy

Faculty and students in the School of Physical Therapy conduct studies that improve our knowledge and understanding of human movement and control, physical function, and disability across the lifespan. They perform research at a variety of locations and routinely present their findings at peer-reviewed state, national, and international conferences.

Research Day 2024

Join TUN students and faculty on March 20, 2024 as they present their abstract posters and oral presentations during Touro Nevada's annual Research Day event.

Research Day 2024
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“This is the culmination of a year, or even years of hard work for all of our students, faculty, and staff."

Dr. Cheryl Vanier Former Chief Research Officer, Touro University Nevada

Our Partners

Our partners in research include any local or out-of-state institutions that are involved in scientific, clinical, or community-based research. Here are some of the partners that are collaborating for a better tomorrow.

US Partners

Des Moines University

George Mason University

Johns Hopkins University

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute

Roseman University

The Valley Health System

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Harlem, NY Campus

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Middletown, NY Campus

University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)

University of Tennessee College of Medicine

University of Washington

International Partners

European Institute of Oncology

Juntendo University

McGill University

Mediterranean Institute of Oncology

Technical University of Dresden

University of Milan

University of Palermo

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