Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness offers information to support decision making and effectiveness efforts. Faculty and staff provide leadership for ongoing institutional strategic planning, managing regular course evaluation, accreditation and more.

Student Enrolled
Degrees and Certificates Offered
Medical School in Nevada

About the Institution

Provides annual, statistical information about enrollment, gender, age, degree programs, and campus
  • Students 
  • Degrees
  • Faculty 
  • Campus 

Assessment and Program Review

All programs at Touro Nevada are thoroughly reviewed and assessed via the Institutional Student Lear
  • Course Evaluations
  • Institutional Survey 
  • Faculty Activities 


Touro Nevada has an institutional commitment to creating exceptional learning communities for you.
  • Institutional Accreditation 
  • Professional Accreditation 

Strategic Planning

You are the future of Touro Nevada, and we implement comprehensive plans to continually improve upon
  • Strategic Plan 2015-2018
  • Strategic Planning process 

Contact Us

Linda Pflaster

Linda Pflaster

Institutional Effectiveness

Executive Assistant to Associate Vice President
(702) 777-4783

Cheryl Vanier

Cheryl Vanier, Ph.D.

Institutional Effectiveness

Data and Research Analyst
(702) 777-4784

Laura Yavitz

Laura Yavitz, PhD

Institutional Effectiveness

Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness
(702) 777-9181