A physician assistant studies student talks to a patient.

Stallman Touro Clinic at The Shade Tree

One of the most impactful initiatives you will be a part of is The Stallman Touro Clinic at The Shade Tree. You will provide shelter residents with basic healthcare services including acute medical care with the management of chronic illness and care for children at the facility. Helping the residents stay healthy is a commitment you will share with staff and students.

Supporting a Great Cause

You will impact the lives of patients and receive hands-on experience while working at The Shade Tree.

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“Working with the patients at The Shade Tree prepared me for patients I will encounter long after I graduate.”

Taylor Scheller PA Student
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Services Provided

The Stallman Touro Clinic, in partnership with The Shade Tree, has been making a critical impact as a provider of health care for the Las Vegas community. Offering multiple services to help mend the fractured lives of the Shade Tree residents, Touro Nevada provides needed care that promotes stability and survival for those who have been deprived of both. Services include: