Roadmap to the New Normal

Whether classes are online or in-person, Touro Nevada continues in its mission to provide high quality education. For information on classes and business operations, read Touro University Nevada's Roadmap to the New Normal and all Coronavirus updates. Touro Nevada students continue to provide free K-12 tutoring, undergraduate tutoring, or other community assistance. View #MedReady to learn more.

Outcomes and Program Review

Self-awareness is key in life and learning. Your programs and student affairs are annually assessed by the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO). These assessments will ensure that you can effectively communicate, collaborate, think critically, and act in a professional manner. Program enhancements offer support through a professional accreditation process driven by the Program Review Committee. Positive student outcomes and a continued commitment to improvement drive us at Touro Nevada.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO)

Institutional Assessment Committee

Program Review Committee

Course Evaluations