Purchasing and Accounts Payable

The Touro Nevada purchasing department is the authority for all acquisition needs for the university and is responsible for enhancing the offerings for each student’s experience.


The purchasing department is a primary asset for Touro Nevada in securing procurement tools, contracts, and goods and services. As a not-for-profit, tax-exempt entity, Touro Nevada makes a commitment to collaborate with suppliers valuing efficient and effective services. Touro Nevada always triple-bids any purchases to ensure the highest value when bringing in new goods and services. Should you have any questions as it concerns becoming a supplier, please complete the contact form.

Accounts Payable

Providing you with financial guidance is the primary role of the accounting department at Touro Nevada. The accounting department controls the procedures and protocols to ensure everything flows efficiently. Whether recording all transactions, procurement for departments or reviewing and approving budgets, the accounting department and the accounts payable staff provide an invaluable service for Touro Nevada. For any routing, reimbursement, or revenue needs, please consult with our accounting team as outlined in the contact information below.

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Purchasing and Accounts Payable

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