WSCUC (WASC) Accreditation Self Study

The California and Nevada campuses of Touro University completed in July 2010 a university-wide self-study process for re-accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) which allowed us to explore and build upon our strengths and to identify and address our challenges. Moreover, we used the re-accreditation process as an opportunity to increase collaborations between our two campuses in order to become a more effective university.

In 2013-2014 TUN collaborated with TUC in preparation of an Interim Report submitted to WASC in February 2014.  The purpose of the Interim Report was to provide an update to the accreditor regarding several issues of interest. The report submission was followed by a teleconference between representatives from TUN, TUC, and WASC in June 2014.  WASC fully accepted the Interim Report submitted by TUN/TUN and under the timelines established under the 2013 WASC Handbook of Accreditation, scheduled TUN’s next comprehensive self-study to be due in 2017.

Since the Interim Report was completed in 2014 TUN has been working on preparation for the self-study due in August 2017. The self-study (referred to as an “Institutional Report” by WASC, and hereafter by TUN) is, by nature, a campus-wide effort that also involves community members and alumni.  As a thorough review of university compliance as outlined in the WASC Handbook of Accreditation the Institutional Report, along with required compliance checklists and illustrative exhibits, TUN is working hard to develop a report that will help peer evaluators from WASC to understand the work and progress of TUN since its last comprehensive evaluation in 2009-2010.

Primary oversight of the Institutional Report development for TUN being done by the TUN WASC Executive Team members and WASC Self Study Steering Committee. Other leadership is being provided by separate teams of faculty and staff in leading development of specific Institutional Report Components, and sourcing evidence and content for the various Criteria for Review (CFR’s) and Compliance Checklists.  Additionally, current students, the TUN Advisory Board, and local Community Partners are also playing important roles in the report development process.

To learn more about the TUN Institutional Report and regional accreditation process, please refer to the documents linked at right under 2017 WASC Self Study Information. You can submit a comment to the TUN Institutional Report process leaders by clicking the link shown below.

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2017 Self Study Information

TUC and TUN Institutional Report August 2017

Report of the WASC Visiting Team – March 2010

2013 Handbook of Accreditation_FINAL

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Report of the WASC Visiting Team – March 2010

WASC Approval Letter 2010

TUC_WASC Decision Letter from Interim Report 062614