Advanced Studies Programs

You can complete Advanced Studies Certificate programs in evenings or weekends at Touro Nevada campus or online. Our programs are constructed to provide practical and realistic courses that are tailored to meet your specific needs and interests for education. The certificate program can advance your career goals and positively affect the outcomes of your students.


APE - Adaptive Physical Education

Built around the Nevada Department of Education’s requirements for the APE endorsement, you choose the classes you need to complete your endorsement coursework.

Note — applicants must be licensed as a Special Education or Physical Education teacher to qualify for this endorsement.

APE Course List

APE Schedule


Autism Spectrum Disorder

You will work with children with autism within the general education environment. Your coursework for both general and special educators will focus on the "what" and the "how" of delivering an appropriate education to autistic children.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Course List

Autism Spectrum Disorder Schedule


Beginning Spanish

You will be exposed to cultural concepts, as well as usage of the Spanish language. You will receive aid and gain a better understanding of how to communicate with and relate to Spanish-speaking K-12 students and parents.

Beginning Spanish Course List

Beginning Spanish Schedule


Effective Classrooms

The Effective Classrooms course will explore best classroom practices with the goal of ensuring instructional activities are as valuable as possible for your student’s outcomes and provide you with tools to manage today’s sometimes unpredictable student groups.

Effective Classrooms Course List

Effective Classrooms Schedule


Effective Schools

You will learn concepts of managed integration, to work both within your space, and within the big picture to improve the overall educational environment.

Effective Schools Course List

Effective Schools Schedule


Intermediate Spanish

You will learn to meet the needs of students with intermediate and advanced Spanish skills. Using conversational Spanish and Latin American culture, you will learn to bridge the language barrier gap between teachers, students, and parents. 

Intermediate Spanish Course List

Intermediate Spanish Schedule


School Nurses

You will focus on research and information as it pertains to nurses’ roles in the district in this course. General areas of study will include Foundations and History, The Well Child, Episodic Illness of School Children, Chronic Conditions of School Children, High-Risk Behaviors, and Legal Concerns, and Health Services Management.

School Nurse Course List

School Nurse Schedule


Special Education

This series of courses will provide you with an overview of the purpose of special education, the characteristics and developmental progression of both typical and atypical children, the manner in which children are diagnosed and assessed, and the process for designing an appropriate curriculum for your students.

Special Ed Course List



Teacher Leadership

Teachers are undeniably leaders, regardless of whether such skills have been specifically sought out. This course will teach you how to maximize your ability to serve in a leadership role among their colleagues.

Teacher Leadership Course List

Teacher Leadership Schedule



If you wish to complete your work through online instruction, this course provides many 21st-century technological solutions that will help you improve your teaching practice as well as increase your student achievement.

Technology Course List

Technology Schedule

Admission Requirements

Touro Nevada was established to help address critical needs in healthcare and education, and as a resource for community service in the state of Nevada. Come be a part of our family.

Requirements Overview

    • Baccalaureate or higher degree
    • Hold U.S. citizenship or a permanent resident status
    • Hold a valid state teaching license

Primary Application

You must complete a Touro Nevada application and there is no application fee.

Supplemental Information

Not all programs are offered each term.

Application & Requirements
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