Roadmap to the New Normal

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Doctor of Physical Therapy Curriculum

The doctor of physical therapy curriculum is designed to advance your capabilities in the realm of clinical care, education, and healthcare policy development.

Your 1st Year

Your Foundation (22 Hours)

Your first term will focus on a foundation of clinical decision and human sciences. You will gain entry-level knowledge on your path toward becoming a Physical Therapist. *Minimum grade of 2.0 in each course is required.

DPTV 701 Human Anatomy 4
DPTV 703 Physiology: Pathology 5
DPTV 702 Functional Anatomy 3
DPTV 708 Clinical Imaging I 1
DPTV 704 Medical Terminology 1
DPTV 746 Patient Management and Communication 3
DPTV 752 Pharmacology in PT 3
DPTV 802 Basic Evaluative Skills 4
DPTV 705 Neuroscience 3
DPTV 714 Evidence Based Practice 2
DPTV 723 Professional Practice I 2
DPTV 729 Exercise Physiology 4
DPTV 812 Patient Management in Acute Care 4
DPTV 755 Orthopedic Assessment and Management I 4
DPTV 733 Physical Modalities and Electrotherapeutics 3
DPTV 707 Movement Science 3

Your 2nd Year

Your Elevation (21 Hours)

Your second term will focus on professional practices as well as musculoskeletal practices. You will learn about evidence-based theories to help you develop unique and patient-focused treatments.

DPTV 757 Orthopedic Assessment and Management II 4
DPTV 822 Neurological Conditions and Management I 3
DPTV 731 Integumentary Conditions and Management 3
DPTV 840 Management of Special Patient Populations 2
DPTV 711 Research Methods and Statistics 3
DPTV 759 Orthopedic Assessment and Management III 4
DPTV 824 Neurological Conditions and Management II 3
DPTV 814 Cardiopulmonary Conditions and Management 4
DPTV 722 Culture of Disability 2
DPTV 895 Terminal Project I 1
DPTV 810 Multiple Systems and Differential Diagnosis 3
DPTV 830 Pediatric Conditions and Management 4
DPTV 805 Health Promotion 2
DPTV 712 Clinical Imaging II 1
DPTV 896 Terminal Project II 1
DPTV 754 Science of Pain 2
DPTV 899 Comprehensive Exam 1

Your 3rd Year

Completing Your Journey (17-19 Hours)

Your third term will build your technique in Physical Therapy. Through research, behavior, and management learnings, you will become sound in your abilities to truly affect your patients.

DPTV 724 Professional Practice II 2
DPTV 897 Terminal Project III 1
DPTV 874 Clinical Experience I 6
DNPV 817 Prosthetics and Orthotics 3
DPTV 898 Terminal Project IV 1
DPTV 845 NPTE Exam Prep 1
DPTV 875 Clinical Experience II 4
DPTV 850 Advanced Physical Therapy Seminar 1-2
DPTV 725 Professional Practice III 3
DPTV 877 Clinical Experience III 6