Residency Placements

Your success in obtaining a medical residency position is supported by a knowledgeable staff that is directly invested in your personal and professional well-being. Eligible osteopathic medicine graduates have found residencies in a wide variety of positions and specialties. 

Residency Match Data

Year Total Number Match/Placement
Class of 2022 172 99.4%
Class of 2021 138 98.6%
Class of 2020 131 100%
Class of 2019 125 100%
Class of 2018 125 96.9%
Class of 2017 129 100%
Class of 2016 125 100%

Student Performance on Licensing Exams (COMLEX)

COMLEX-USA is a series of four medical board examinations, taken at multiple points during your osteopathic medical student career. All osteopathic medical schools in the United States require passage of COMLEX Level 1 and Level 2-CE before graduation. Successful achievement of the final component, COMPLEX Level 3 (taken during residency), qualifies the candidate for licensure as an osteopathic physician in all 50 states.

COMLEX First-Time Pass Rates (%)

COMLEX Level 1

Academic Year TUNCOM National
2021-2022 97% 92.2%
2020-2021 98.3% 93.7%
2019-2020 99.2% 94.3%
2018-2019 94.1% 93%


Academic Year TUNCOM National
2021-2022 98.3% 95.1%
2020-2021 100% 96.5%
2019-2020 99.2% 96.8%
2018-2019 96.8% 95.6%


*Administration of COMLEX Level 2PE has been suspended by the NBOME

Academic Year TUNCOM National
2019-2020 93.8% 92.1%
2018-2019 88% 93.2%

COMLEX Level 3

Academic Year TUNCOM National
2021 94.1% 97.1%
2020 96.1% 97%
9/2018-12/2019 98.9% 97.5%
3/2017-5/2018 93% 95.4%

Residency Resources

There are many resources for more information on residency programs and matching.  You are encouraged to review these resources and others on their path to residencies.

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