Stay at Home for Nevada

Following Nevada Governor Sisolak's Stay at Home directive, Touro University Nevada's remote instruction and business operations will remain in effect until at least June 30, 2020Please see the COVID-19 Information page for more information.  If you're needing assistance with K-12 tutoring, undergraduate tutoring, or other community assistance check out our Med Ready page for FREE help from Touro Nevada students.

Medical Health Sciences Curriculum

The 11-month curriculum is designed to prepare and strengthen your academic base. Your curriculum focuses on preparation for your career in medicine or other doctoral healthcare professions. You will study basic medical science covering a wide range of disciplines. You will work with prosected cadavers, participate in lectures, and take exams to establish your ability to handle the rigors of the healthcare professional program that awaits you.

Fall Course (16 Hours)

You start with basic medical science courses covering a wide range of disciplines: Human Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Human Physiology, and Immunology courses.

*Minimum grade of 2.0 in each course is required.

MHSV 600 Biomedical Ethics 2
MHSV 610 A Current Topics in Biomedical Sciences 1
MSNV 667 Survey of Immunology 2
MHSV 670 A Human Anatomy I 3
MSNV 680 Medical Biochemistry 3
MHSV 681 A Advanced Study Skills I 2
MHSV 690 Human Physiology I 3

Spring Course (15 Hours)

Your spring courses will advance and expand on your fall course curriculum while also studying infectious disease and genetics courses.

*Minimum grade of 2.0 in each course is required.

MHSV 601 Molecular Genetics 2
MHSV 605 Scientific Communications 2
MHSV 610 B Current Topics in Biomedical Sciences 1
MHSV 620 Laboratory Diagnostics 1
MHSV 665 Introduction to Microbiology and Infectious Disease 2
MHSV 670 B Human Anatomy II 3
MHSV 681 B Advanced Study Skills II 1
MHSV 690 B Human Physiology II 3

We will help develop you into a well-rounded student. You will be supported by faculty with services to help you with your desired career path.