The Office of the Bursar is your source of information for billing and payment plans related to your student account. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the Bursar is to provide accurate billing of student accounts and assist students with the information they need to fulfill their financial obligations to the university. The Office of the Bursar, as part of The Division of Student Affairs, is responsible for maintaining student accounts and the Student Health Insurance. This includes posting tuition charges, processing payments, issuing student refunds, and collection activities. These functions are accomplished while servicing the needs of our students within the framework of Touro’s policies and legal guidelines.

The Office of the Bursar is committed to providing our students with exceptional customer service while assisting students with their financial obligations to the university. If eligible, students may choose to finance their education utilizing loans, scholarships, grants, or personal out-of-pocket payments. Please refer to the Financial Aid department regarding loan eligibility.

Tuition is due 10 days before the published start date of the term. As a convenience, payment plans are available to students. Payment plans divide the balance due into four payments over the length of the term. Students who wish to enroll in payment plans should do so by the tuition deadline.

Once a student’s financial aid has been processed and they have met all Federal and State guidelines, the funds are credited to the student account. A monthly $100.00 late fee is applied to student accounts with unresolved past due balances.

The Office of the Bursar also manages the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP). For additional information about SHIP, the waiver requirements, and the waiver process, please visit our Student Health Insurance Page.

Please note: Effective July 1, 2015, upon acceptance to any Touro University Nevada program, all deposits made to secure a position in the class are non-refundable.


Contact Information

Office of the Bursar

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