Roadmap to the New Normal

Whether classes are online or in-person, Touro Nevada continues in its mission to provide high quality education. For information on classes and business operations, read Touro University Nevada's Roadmap to the New Normal and all Coronavirus updates. Touro Nevada students continue to provide free K-12 tutoring, undergraduate tutoring, or other community assistance. View #MedReady to learn more.

Faculty & Staff Directory

Augie AgostoSecurity 777-3920
Raymond Alden IIIProvostExecutive 777-3225
Luis AlmacheSecurity 777-3920
Geraldine Andrews-EubanksAdmissions & Recruitment Program ManagerAdmissionsgeraldine.andrews-eubanks@tun.touro.edu702-777-4748
Renee AschoffSenior Director of ProjectsExecutive 777-3965
Robert AskeyAssociate Dean of College of Health and Human Services, Director of Interprofessional Education, Interim Director of the School of EducationSchool of Education, CHHS Dean's 777-3053
Robert BaileyHuman Resources DirectorHuman 777-3855
Robert BakerAssistant ProfessorOsteopathic Manipulative 777-3943
Dara BatemonMedical Billing Specialist (702) 777-4806
Shelley BerkleyChief Executive Officer and Senior ProvostExecutive 777-1776
Olivia BettisProject AssistantExecutive 777-3857
Dan BollardDirector of Environmental Health and Safety President, Mid-Level Professional 777-1812
Desean BoltonMedical AssistantHealth 777-9925
Vladimir BondarenkoProfessorBasic 777-1806
Julia BondarenkoApplication Support SpecialistInformation 777-3133
Angela BossioAdministrative AssistantBasic 777-4810
June BoykoSenior Executive Assistant to the CEO/Sr. ProvostExecutive 777-1775
Francis BreySecurity 777-3920
LaShon BrownAdministrative AssistantSchool of Physical 777-3050
Theresa BruscellaCurriculum CoordinatorOsteopathic Manipulative 777-4740
Kimberly BrysonAssistant Director of 777-1751
Katherine Capistran Assistant Professor School of Occupational (702) 777-3243
Darren CarderSecurity 777-3920
Judith CarrionAssistant ProfessorSchool of 777-3997
Chanel Cassanello Admissions Online (702) 777-1745
Marsha Castillo Admissions & Recruitment Program Manager (702) 777-1787
Christine CecchiniPracticum Placement SpecialistSchool of 777-1737
Lonnie ChesterIT TechnicianInformation 777-3169
Chad ChesterApplications Support Specialist Information 777-4781
Catherine ChungAssociate Professor Program Director of Graduate Nursing School of 777-3998
Jason ClarkSystem AdministratorInformation 777-3158
William ClarkeSecurity 777-3920
Francine CleggAssistant ProfessorSchool of 777-1737
David CleggAdministrative Director of Clinical SimulationMichael Tang Center for Clinical 777-3909
Kimberly CongdonAssistant ProfessorBasic 777-4771
Lawrence ContrerasAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physical 777-3246
Taylor CookeIT TechnicianInformation 777-3152
Diana CoreasAdministrative 777-9970
Melody CrickmanInterim Vice President for 777-4789
Dee Anne CulmoneAdministrative AssistantSchool of Physician Assistant 777-1770
Rhone D'Errico Assistant ProfessorSchool of (702) 777-3231
Lauren DalyLearning Specialist 777-3853
Jeremy DayGross Anatomy Lab ManagerBasic 777-1816
Megan De Armond Research and Instruction Librarian and Assistant ProfessorJay Sexter (702) 777-4751
Beverly DelacarreraAssistant Clinical Director of Clinical EducationCOM Clinical 777-3144
Isabel DelmonteAdministrative AssistantOsteopathic Manipulative 777-3126
Paul DendaryFacilities Technician 777-3920
Erin DentonSimulation Operations SpecialistMichael Tang Center for Clinical 777-3912
Mark Anthony DeveraVehicle Logistics 777-3920
Gabriel DiazSecurity 777-3920
Jennifer DrozdAccounting 777-3083
Amie DufordAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physician Assistant 777-9973
Karen DuusAssociate ProfessorBasic 777-3941
Rebecca EdgeworthAssistant Professor School of Physician Assistant (702) 777-3102
Teresa EdwardsRegistered Behavioral 777-4808
Terry Ann ElseProfessorBasic 777-1802
Kencie ElyLearning Specialist 777-3210
Oscar Escudero OASIS Operations Coordinator (702) 777-3914
Dominique EstradaAssistant Director of Student 777-3065
Ashley FechtAssistant ProfessorSchool of Occupational 777-4762
Ana FernandezReferral SpecialistHealth 777-9916
Jason FettyReference and Instruction Librarian Assistant ProfessorJay Sexter 777-1740
Emmett FindlayAssociate Professor and ChairBasic 777-1803
Seboris FinneyFinancial Aid CounselorFinancial 777-3968
Veronica FischerDirector of Annual Giving and Alumni 777-3248
Stacy FisherAssociate ProfessorSchool of Physical 777-3889
Susan FishlowitzCredentialing Specialist Health (702) 777-9969
Judith FleischmanAnnual Giving 777-1771
Rolando FloresAssociate Dean of Students & 777-4745
Linda FrasierAssociate Professor & Academic Clinical CoordinatorSchool of Occupational 777-3156
Kevin GallegosSecurity 777-3920
Dawn GarciaReceptionistExecutive 777-8687
Terri GarrettClinical Clerkship CoordinatorCOM Clinical 777-3196
Margaret GeffingerFieldwork Administrative AssistantSchool of Occupational 777-3132
Wolfgang G. GilliarDean, College of Osteopathic MedicineCOM Dean's 777-3975
Catherine GodfreyDirector of Student InvolvementStudent 777-2084
Tami GodfreyAdministrative AssistantDOSA Dean's 777-3077
Roxanne GomezSecurity 777-3920
Eddie GomezAudio Visual Technician Information (702) 777-3171
Lisa GoodmanClinical Clerkship CoordinatorSchool of Physical 777-3090
Kenneth GrantProfessorSpecialty 777-3086
Rochelle GrantzSr. Enrollment 777-3954
Jessica GrimmAssociate ProfessorSchool of 777-3119
Jutta GuadagnoliAssistant Dean of CurriculumCOM Dean's 777-1804
Thomas GuginoWeb Content 777-4797
Noel GuisonAssociate ProfessorBasic 777-3224
Louis GungonIT TechnicianInformation 777-3165
Gretchen HaaseDirector of Clinical Education, Assistant ProfessorSchool of Physical 777-3062
Redan HableroSoftware Support SpecialistInformation 777-3157
Shana HardinMedical Billing SpecialistHealth CenterShana.Hardin@tun.touro.edu702-777-9937
Joseph HardyAssociate Dean of Clinical EducationCOM Clinical 777-3202
Scott HarrisAssistant Dean of Clinical EducationCOM Clinical 777-1824
Bradley HavinsAssistant ProfessorPrimary 777-3236
Ron HedgerAssociate ProfessorPrimary 777-1818
Kassy HeikkinenAssistant Project ManagerExecutive 777-3193
Nicolas HendersonAnimal TechnicianCOM Dean's 777-9132
Patricia HenryProgram Director of the Doctor of EducationSchool of EducationPatricia.Henry@tun.touro.edu702-777-1783
Rob HinesWarehouse ManagerFacilitiesRobert.Hines@tun.touro.edu702-533-0611
Taylor HoughDirector of Clinical Education, Assistant ProfessorSchool of Physician Assistant 777-4792
Deborah HousleyStudent Mental Health Therapist Student (702) 777-3949
Ruthie HowardAdministrative AssistantPrimary CareRuthie.Howard@tun.touro.edu702-777-3093
Daniel Huddart Assistant Professor School of Physical 702-777-3094
Debra HuttExecutive Assistant to the Dean CHHS Dean's (702) 777-3059
Marina IoudinaAssistant ProfessorBasic 777-1762
Tony IwakawaInstructorSchool of Physical 777-3142
Sophia Johnson Assistant ProfessorPrimary (702) 777-3064
Tracey Johnson-GloverAssistant ProfessorSchool of 777-3994
Alyse JohnstonEnrollment 777-4763
Katherine Joines Assistant Professor School of Physical (702) 777-3124
Lisa JonesAdministrative Director of Clinical EducationCOM Clinical 777-3179
Paul KalekasChair of the Primary Care Department and Associate ProfessorPrimary 777-1820
Samantha Katschke Clinical Clerkship Coordinator COM Clinical (702) 777-3113
Scott Kelley Network Administrator Information (702) 777-3218
Madiha KhanClinical Assistant ProfessorHealth 777-4809
Bimal KrishnaProfessorBasic 777-1794
Bradley KropikAssociate 777-1753
Lisa 777-9968
Karla LabampaMedical AssistantHealth 777-9951
Cynthia LauAssociate ProfessorSchool of Occupational 777-4793
Michael LaymonDirector & ProfessorSchool of Physical 777-3051
Nancy LeeAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physician Assistant 777-4749
Melissa LesebergAccounts Payable 777-3183
Yoel LevyAssistant ProfessorBasic 777-4742
John LewisAdministrative Contract CoordinatorCHHS Dean's 777-3966
Patrick LeythamAssociate Professor and CADD Behavior Analytic Clinical SupervisorCADD, School of 777-4754
Steven LiaosAssociate Professor and Chair of Faculty SenateSchool of Physical 777-3957
Eli LitmanMedical DirectorSchool of Physician Assistant 777-3063
Wesley LockhartAssociate ProfessorOsteopathic Manipulative 777-3234
Doris LoftonRegistered Behavioral 777-4808
Aurelio LoricoProfessorBasic 777-3942
Tisheena LoweDirector of OASIS and Assistant Professor 777-3092
Nancy LuongAdmissions and Recruitment Program 777-3964
Elsa MaciasAdmissions and Recruitment Program Manager (702) 777-4800
Clarice MacNealExecutive AssistantInformation 777-3162
Darlina Manthei Assistant Professor Primary (702) 777-3054
Julio MarinIT TechnicianInformation 777-3154
Matthew MartinAssistant ProfessorPrimary 777-4809
Shannon MartinAssociate Professor & Capstone Coordinator School of Occupational 777-3247
Oksana MatvienkoAssociate Professor, Research AssociateSchool of Physician Assistant 777-3173
Sylvia MayesSenior Executive Assistant to the ProvostExecutive 777-3226
Faye MazziaLibrarian, Electronic & Technical ServicesJay Sexter 777-1740
Suzanne McGeeClinical Clerkship CoordinatorCOM Clinical 777-1788
Kimberly McGinnAssistant ProfessorOsteopathic Manipulative 777-3112
Tava McGinty-JimenezDirector of Admissions Associate Dean of StudentsAdmissions, DOSA Dean's 777-3922
Sharon McKennaAssistant ProfessorPrimary 777-3116
James McKiviganAssociate ProfessorSchool of Physical 777-3096
Shannon McShaneAdmissions and Recruitment Program Manager 777-3997
Kelly MechamAssistant ProfessorSchool of 777-3890
Joshua MedeirosSecurity 777-3920
Derek MeeksVice Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine Chair of Specialty Care Department and Associate ProfessorSpecialty Medicine, COM Dean's 777-1827
Kyle MefferdSenior Learning 777-3989
Terrence MillerSenior Associate Dean for Academic AffairsCOM Dean's 777-1801
Tabitha MillerAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physician Assistant Studiestabitha.miller@tun.touro.edu702-777-1767
Debbie MillicanInstructional DesignerSchool of 777-3091
Andrew MillsAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physical 777-3098
Mandy MoorAssistant Director of Clinical EducationSchool of Physician Assistant 777-4757
Minnette MooreManager, Animal Resource CenterCOM Dean's 777-4774
Hassley MoraMedical Billing SpecialistHealth (702) 777-9938
Jammie MorganAdmissions Operations CoordinatorAdmissionsjammie.morgan@tun.touro.edu702-777-3090
Natalia MorrowMedical AssistantHealth 777-9927
Domonique MosleyFacilities Operations 777-1811
Manognya Murukutla Director of Institutional Research and Assessment Institutional (702) 777-3242
Aurelio MuyotAssistant ProfessorSpecialty 777-3858
Jose NoriegaChief Information OfficerInformation 777-3162
Adriana NormanAssistant Director of Financial AidFinancial 777-3245
Jennifer ObodaiAssistant Director & Compliance 777-3182
Michael OlekAssociate ProfessorSpecialty 777-3987
Guillermina OlmedaDirector of Advancement 777-4795
Robyn OttyDirector & Associate ProfessorSchool of Occupational 777-3095
Joshua OwensAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physician Assistant 777-3143
Miranda ParedezExecutive Director of Bursar Data 777-3075
Jessica ParkinSimulation Operations TechnicianMichael Tang Center for Clinical 777-1826
Joanne Parsons Executive (702) 777-3950
Samantha PeckhamAssistant ProfessorSchool of 777-3893
Silvana PenaCurriculum CoordinatorSchool of Physician Assistant (702) 777-3222
Sarah PeraltaRegistered Behavior Technician (702) 777-4807
Carla PerlottoClinical PsychologistStudent 777-2095
Linda PflasterExecutive Assistant to Associate Vice PresidentInstitutional 777-4783
Ann PhillipsExecutive Assistant to the College of Osteopathic Medicine DeanCOM Dean's (702) 777-3960
Chutima PhongphuaProfessorBasic 777-4766
Anne PoliquinAssistant Dean of Clinical EducationCOM Clinical 777-4769
Tonishia PorterRegistered Behavioral 777-4808
Gena PowellHR Specialist/RecruiterHuman Resourcesgena.powell@tun.touro.edu702-777-4750
Karla PradoCertified Medical AssistantHealth 777-9926
Andrew PriestDean of College of Health and Human ServicesCHHS Dean's 777-3185
Steven PrinsterMHS Program Director Associate ProfessorBasic 777-3079
Elias PtakAssociate ProfessorOsteopathic Manipulative 777-1749
Llewellyn PurseSecurity 777-3920
Rakhshindah QureshiAssistant ProfessorBasic 777-4785
Jacqueline RandaAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physical 777-3122
Germana RappaAssociate Professor Basic SciencesGermana.Rappa@tun.touro.edu702-777-1800
Sharon RayAdministrative AssistantHealth 777-9964
Brandy ReedelFront Office SpecialistHealth 777-9912
Mindy RenfroAssociate Professor and Vice Chair of Faculty SenateSchool of Physical 777-3127
Paul RennieProfessor and Chair of OMMOsteopathic Manipulative 777-1813
John RiderAssistant ProfessorSchool of Occupational 777-3220
Lise RiouxAssociate ProfessorBasic 777-3085
William RisleyDirector of Campus Facilities and 777-1809
Andrea RobinsonAssistant Director of Human ResourcesHuman 777-4746
Joshua RoyFacilities 777-3217
William RoyProfessorBasic 777-1792
Gigi RuschAdministrative 777-4773
Amina SadikProfessorBasic 777-1808
Brian SadyAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physician Assistant 777-3178
Theresa SanchezAdministrative AssistantBasic 777-4752
Luz SanchezFront Office 777-4808
Dulce SantacroceAssociate Professor RN-BSN Program CoordinatorSchool of 777-3088
Mark SantosResearch Laboratory ScientistBasic 777-4787
Salvatore ScarantinoDirector of Information TechnologyInformation 777-3164
Craig SeidenVice President for Administration and Chief Financial OfficerExecutive 777-4794
Zachary ShapiroCompliance OfficerExecutive 638-5459
Erika SharpAssociate Director of Procurement and Asset 777-4768
Lary SimmsAssistant ProfessorBasic 777-1814
Andrea SjolieSenior Clinical Clerkship CoordinatorCOM Clinical 777-1793
David SkybaAssistant Dean for Curriculum Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences, COM Dean's 777-4776
Dodge SlagleAssistant ProfessorSpecialty 777-1826
Steven SlivkaCommunications 777-3952
Amy StoneAssistant ProfessorBasic 777-3238
Alexa StonemanDirector, Jay Sexter Library / Professor Jay Sexter (702) 777-1740
Patricia StrobehnFNP Program Coordinator, Assistant ProfessorSchool of 777-3992
Lori SuleskiAdministrative Assistant 702-777-1810
Janet SullivanAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physician Assistant Studiesjanet.sullivan@tun.touro.edu702-777-3918
Chad SutherlandSecurity 777-3920
Israel TapiaReceiving Technician (702) 817-0111
Theresa TarrantSchool of Nursing Director Associate ProfessorSchool of 777-2085
Estel TarwaterHuman Resources Coordinator Human 777-2097
Clinton TaylorFacilities HVAC 777-3216
Cheryl TessierExecutive AssistantDOSA Dean's 777-3073
Feroza ThompsonAssistant ProfessorSchool of Physician Assistant 777-3101
Jessica TinajeroAssistant Data ManagerBursarJessica.Tinajero@tun.touro.edu702-777-3065
Phil TobinDirector & ProfessorSchool of Physician Assistant 777-1765
Eric ToderAssistant ProfessorOsteopathic Manipulative 777-1817
John TomlinsonAssistant ProfessorBasic 777-1832
Philip TompkinsDean of StudentsDOSA Dean's 777-1761
April Ann TungpalanAdministrative AssistantSchool of Physician Assistant 777-4809
Christina TwelvesDirector of Financial Aid & President, Mid-Level Professional GroupFinancial 777-1755
Juana ValdiviaFront Office SpecialistHealth 777-4809
Cheryl VanierChief Research 777-4784
Adriana VelazquezCentral Scheduler/Administrative AssistantExecutive 777-1786
Erlinda VirayAdministrative AssistantSchool of Occupational 777-3166
Danielle Wallace Administrative Assistant (702) 777-4796
Tonya WallsAssistant ProfessorSchool of 777-4753
Robert WimmerClinical Physician Assistant - RheumatologyHealth 777-4809
Laura YavitzAssociate Vice President of Institutional EffectivenessInstitutional 777-9181
Farrah Yazzie Administrative Assistant Specialty (702) 777-3129
Denise ZabriskieAssistant ProfessorSchool of 777-1759
Julie Zacharias-SimpsonAssistant ProfessorSpecialty 777-3982
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