PA Program Goals and Outcomes

Learn how we are continuing to innovate our Physician Assistant Studies program and see feedback from our 2022 graduates.

Goal #1

Educate, support, and prepare competent, well-rounded healthcare providers for a successful transition to the practice of medicine.


Class of 2022 first-time PANCE pass rate - 91%

2022 Graduate Feedback

2022 Graduate Survey

2022 graduates reporting improved skills and attributes from the PA program
*Survey response rate: 87%

Skill or attribute % of responses ranging from "a little" to "a great deal"
Interpersonal skills 97%
Leadership skills 97%
Research skills 91%
Communication skills 98%
Collaboration skills 98%
Professionalism 98%
Compassion 98%

Goal #2

Pursue diversity of all kinds: people, settings, and educational experiences.



Currently Enrolled PA Students: 50% White, 28% Asian, 12% Multiracial, 10% Hispanic


Educational Experiences

Community Outreach and Mobile Health Clinic Sites

Catholic Charities, Senior Center, Mexican Consulate, Nevada Homeless Alliance, Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, Homeless Encampments, The Shade Tree Women’s Shelter, Safe House, Friends of the Desert, Salvadoran Consulate, The Giving Project, The Just one Project, The Catholic Worker

Goal #3

Foster service to community and underserved populations.


2022 Graduate Feedback

Goal #4

Prepare graduates for interprofessional collaborative practice.


2022 Graduate Feedback

"Rate your knowledge and skills to collaborate with members of other professions in caring for patients" – 76% proficient, 24% satisfactory.