Doctoral Capstone Experience

The doctoral capstone is an integral part of the curriculum at Touro University Nevada. The doctoral capstone consists of two parts: the capstone experience and the capstone project.

Doctoral Capstone Experience

The doctoral capstone is an integral part of the curriculum at Touro University Nevada. The doctoral capstone consists of two parts: the capstone experience and the capstone project. 

The capstone experience consists of a 14-week immersive experience in a concentrated  area of interest. Each student will complete an individual project that demonstrates  synthesis and application of advanced knowledge gained in their targeted area of interest.  The entry-level occupational therapy doctorate program at Touro University Nevada was developed to provide students with the opportunity to collaborate with community partners  to develop and support mutually desired projects and outcomes through mentorship with  the faculty advisor. The doctoral capstone prepares students to be leaders in the field  of occupational therapy and develop skills necessary to work in complex and changing healthcare environments and in dynamic community-based and emerging practice areas.

OTD Capstone Projects

OTD students, Elijah Boston and Brandon Contreras introduce their capstone projects and talk about why that area of study was meaningful to them.

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"I feel like they (custodians) have such a great value in our society... I hope to target that population with my capstone and make a difference."

Brandon Contreras OTD Student, Class of 2022

Past Capstone Projects

Alyssa Adams - NICU Patient Educational Empowerment Program 

Veronica Anduha - Functional Transitions: A Pain Prevention Education Program For Ante and Postpartum Women

Elle Gunderson - Happy Birth Days Through Occupation: Transforming Postpartum Care One Mother at a Time

Alexa Antonopolous - Coping Skills Program

Shirley Ng - "Project-Can-Do": An Event Planning Program For Adults with Disabilities

Shaylee Ewing - My Path: An Executive Function-Focused Education Course for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Esther Hammon - Skills for Success: A Total Body Approach to School-Based Life Skill Instruction

Victoria Jo - Family First: Family-Centered Transition Readiness

Cierra Steckline - Learning Hands Sensory Play and Tactile Discrimination Program 

Melissa Salcedo Sander - The A.R.T. Studio: Activities for Relaxation and Tranquility 

Elika Brock - Ergoworks: Preventing Injuries in First Responders

Alexys Garcia - Safe Transitions: Viewing Trans* Patients Through An Occupational Lens

Rachel Postma - The Expansion of Concussion Education Within A Doctorate Level Occupational Therapy Program

Kristie Mcwhorter - Occupational Therapy Within The Multidisciplinary Concussion Care Team

Jonathan Tso - Brain Wellness Camp: Preventative Healthcare For The Brain Injury Population

Chris Daulton - Deep Sleep

Brittney Roberts - Health Takeover: An Inpatient Rehab Health Management Program 

Justina Selim - Parenting and Multiple Sclerosis: A Program For Managing Parenting Challenges Related To Multiple Sclerosis

Andrea Slager - Dream On: Improving Sleep in Acute Care

Tricia Chang - Foodie Fun: A mealtime program for children with visual impairment  

Sabrina Gowette - Integration of mental health education in a doctoral occupational therapy program 

Teale Jones - Rooted in Nature: An outdoor-based program for adults with disabilities

Kaitlyn Kirby - Soaring with Your Senses:  A sensory-informed educational program  

Christine Lam - Nutri-fun(damentals): A nutrition education program for people touched by cancer

Briana Roque - Digital Downtime: An iPad-based self-regulation program

Rachel Rosenthal - Vocational training program for adults with disability 

Carly Blondin – Rock ‘N’ My Workout 

Jennifer Patton – Hearty Meal Preparation: Learning to Eat Smart for a Healthier Heart 

Ashley Asuncion – THRYVE: Therapeutic Health Remedies for Youth Vocation and Education 

Brynn Butzman – Ocean of Change Aquatic Developmental Play Program 

Hillary Crawford – Hand n’ Hand Hippotherapy: Improving Upper Extremity and Fine Motor Skills through Interdisciplinary  Hippotherapy Treatment  

Iris Kwan – Transitioning Mindfully: Transgender Individuals Using Mindfulness and Coping Strategies 

Jonathan Legarte – All-Care Dementia: An Evidence-Based Educational Program for Dementia-Friendly Care 

Ashley Marquez – Peak Participation: Empowering Youth Towards Occupational Balance & Well-Being through Climbing 

Christine Recinto – Playpeutics: A Therapeutic Play Program to Promote the Development for Kids with Cancer