DPA Curriculum

Students will complete a minimum of 32-semester credits online with no on-campus residency requirements, engaging in scholarly and professional activities on the doctoral level. You will participate in faculty-guided research experiences and research dissemination through peer-reviewed journals and/or conferences applying new skills to your professional area of expertise.


DPAV 700 Evidence Based Medicine 3
DPAV 701 Research Methods for Healthcare Professionals 3
DPAV 702 Advance Pharmacology and Medical Therapeutics I 3
DPAV 703 Doctoral Project Phase I 1
DPAV 704 Healthcare Law 3
DPAV 705 Healthcare Management and Delivery Systems 3
DPAV 706 Advance Pharmacology and Therapeutics II 3
DPAV 707 Doctoral Project Phase II 1
DPAV 708 Advanced Pharmacology and Therapeutics III 3
DPAV 709 Doctoral Project Phase III 3
DPAV 710 Doctoral Project & Presentation 3
DPAV 711 Contemporary Professional Issues in Medicine 3