Testing Center

The Testing Center provides accommodated testing for students who qualify, make up exams, and simulated testing experiences to assist students in preparing for licensure and board exams.


Testing Accommodations

Approved students may benefit from testing accommodations based on the individual need, such as a time and a half accommodation (1.5x), providing extra time to complete tests in a reduced distraction environment.

To request testing accommodations, please contact the ADA Learning Specialist in the Office of Academic Services and Institutional Support (OASIS).

Makeup Exams

Students who miss a test can utilize available space in the Testing Center to make up the exam. Instructors or program staff can coordinate with students and the Testing Center to schedule a time to complete the makeup exam.

Licensure & Board Exam Simulations

Simulated exams through the Testing Center offer an opportunity for students to gain additional practice with exam material and familiarize yourself with the testing environment so you are better prepared for your licensure & board exams.

Exam simulations can be scheduled individually by any student, regardless of accommodation status. Group simulations can be scheduled by program faculty. Simulation requests are based on space availability.


  1. Before the Exam
    1. Lock up personal belongings. Individual lockers are available to all test takers and include combination locks that can be changed with each use.
    2. Check in for your test with your TUN ID badge.
    3. Remain quiet until your test begins.
  2. During the Exam
    1. Quietly enter the main testing room, especially if other students have a test in progress.
    2. Enter the password and start your exam; do not write notes on scratch paper prior to entering the password and starting the test.
    3. Restroom breaks are allowed during the test, no need to ask permission. If the restroom is occupied, return to your seat until it becomes available. 
  3. After the Exam
    1. Once the exam has uploaded, students are free to leave.
    2. Scratch paper should be returned to the proctor and should not leave the Testing Center.


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