Alumni/ae Awards

Beginning at the 2018 Touro University Nevada Alumni/ae Reunion, we recognized five individuals who embodied both the award qualities and the mission and vision of Touro University Nevada.  

Generosity Award: To recognize an alumni/ae who has gone above and beyond during their professional career to give back to Touro Nevada.  Giving can be in the form of teaching, financial support, mentorship, volunteerism, partnerships, relationship building, etc. This alumni/ae has dedicated his/her time and resources to giving back to the TUN campus and students as whole.

Community Impact Award: This award focuses on specific community contributions of the alumni/ae.  Special attention should be given to healthcare development within their community.  While the level and magnitude of contribution should be included, special focus should be given to the amount of time and overall impact resulting from the engagement. The theme of social justice should play a prevalent role in their acts and overall nomination.

Blue and Gold Award: Specific to honoring the accomplishments of one alumni/ae from the class of 2011, a focus should be given to the alumni/ae’s dedication to serving, leading, and teaching within his/her community.  This award seeks to highlight that, with just 10 years of professional experience beyond graduation, amazing things can be accomplished.

Alumnus of the Year:  In the spirit of Touro University Nevada’s mission “To provide quality educational programs in the fields of health care and education in concert with the Judaic commitment to social justice, intellectual pursuit, and service to humanity”, this award seeks to spotlight one individual who has exemplified these tenants in their professional careers since leaving TUN.  The alumni/ae receiving this award must have proven excellence in each component of the mission as well as embody the vision of TUN by serving, leading, and teaching.

Honorary Alumnus Award:  This award is specifically designed to recognize the efforts of one individual who, while not a graduate of the university, has made significant contributions and has formed invaluable partnerships with Touro University Nevada.  This individual should not only have formed a dedicated partnership with Touro; but also, this individual should exhibit the tenants of Touro’s vision and mission in his/her practice and life.