Meet Jose Noriega, a student in our EdD program.
Meet Jose Noriega, a student in our EdD program.

Student Spotlight: Jose Noriega, EdD Program

Meet Jose Noriega, a student in our Doctor of Education Program
Oct 29, 2019

Jose Noriega has always been a believer in higher education, which is why he decided to pursue his Ed.D.

“It had been more than 12 years since I got my Master’s, so I knew it was time for me to get my terminal degree,” he said.

Noriega, who serves as Touro University Nevada’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), said he spoke with several CIOs across the higher education realm about pursing his doctoral degree. The collective response was that it would benefit him as a leader in higher education.

“I really believe in higher education and I’ve always thought it was important to educate yourself, especially if you are working to emphasize the importance of higher education to others,” he said.

Noriega is in the second year of Touro’s three-year Ed.D. program. He said Touro’s program is different than traditional doctorate programs in that he’s completing his dissertation while also completing his coursework.

The program is difficult, he added. A 6-8 page paper is due every two weeks, though he’s grateful that Touro’s program takes about half as long to complete as other Ed.D. programs.

“In the scheme of things, it’s such a small time commitment when you consider what you’re getting from the education,” Noriega said.

The program is designed for working professionals, so Noriega said it’s important to balance time between family, work, and school. However, the faculty’s accessibility have made his experience much easier.

“In Touro’s Ed.D. program, the faculty are only an email away from answering your questions,” he said. “Every one of our faculty told us that if we ever needed to speak with them, let us know and we have a conference call. I’m very glad I decided to pursue my terminal degree.”

Noriega is expected to complete the Ed.D. program by the Fall of 2021.

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