Brad Haubrich, PhD

Assistant Professor
Brad A Haubrich
Basic Sciences
(702) 777-1799

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Dr. Haubrich joined the Basic Sciences faculty at Touro University Nevada in 2020. He earned his BS in Natural Science from Muhlenberg College and his PhD in Chemistry from Texas Tech University. His graduate research included lipidomics of eukaryotic microbes and targeting sterol biosynthesis in infectious disease. He completed two postdoctoral fellowships, at the Institute for Rare and Neglected Diseases Drug Discovery (iRND3) in Mountain View CA and at Bryant University in Smithfield RI, where his research focused on assay development and identifying new therapeutics against eukaryotic and prokaryotic pathogens.

Prior to coming to TUN, Dr. Haubrich taught undergraduate courses in chemistry and biology at the University of Nevada, Reno and Bryant University. His research interests lie at the intersection of chemistry and biology, including developing assays for drug discovery, repurposing drugs, and identifying new potential targets for treatments of infectious disease.

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Texas Tech University, 2014

B.S. in Natural Science, Muhlenberg College, 2003


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