Goals and Outcomes


  • To deliver rigorous curriculum and education to prepare competent, entry-level physician assistants capable of providing excellent patient care.

  • To cultivate well-rounded clinicians who demonstrate professionalism, integrity, appreciation for cultural and socioeconomic diversity of patients and settings, and effective interpersonal skills.

  • To develop clinicians who understand and are capable of operating within the current health policies, delivery systems and information exchange technology that are necessary to assure equity and quality in the provision of care and to achieve productivity.

  • To support and encourage service, scholarship, leadership, and other activities that lead to the advancement of a personal career and the profession.


The school has been extremely successful in achieving its goals. Nearly all graduates are offered full time positions when they graduate. As the institution has an interdisciplinary program, the students learn to work with all health care team members. The service-learning course as well as the community presence the PA program has prepares graduates to be culturally sensitive and advocates of the community. Finally, graduates of the program have assumed leadership roles within the state and national PA organizations.

PA Program Outcome Measures