Students exiting the main entrance to Touro Nevada.

Student Government

Be the voice for your peers by participating in the Student Government Association. Create policies and plan activities for your peers while gaining valuable experience.

Student Government Associations

Be a leader among your peers. You will represent and advocate for the student body’s needs and requests as part of the Student Government Association.

  • Hannah Skendziel, OMSGA 
  • Justin Madriaga, PA20
  • Michael O'Reilly, PA21
  • Darkhishan Ali, OTD
  • Jeffrey Ryemon, DPT20
  • Alexandria Bartlett, MHS20 
  • Alfredo Mendoza, DPT21
  • Carmen Scuito, DPT22

Amir Harb, DO24

David Beske, DPT23

Kazandra Lopez Hernandez, OTD23

Sarah Cota, PA22

Brogan Hill, MHS21

Class Officers

President - Haley Wingender

Vice President of Operations - Guadalupe Mercado

Vice President of Finance - Patricia Ascano

Vice President of Student Services - Zach Miklin

President - Amanda Godfrey

Vice President - Jennifer Hatcher 

Treasurer - Kazandra Hernandez

Social Coordinator - Ezra Alex

SGA Representative - Emily Ewing

COTAD - Robin Mercado