Roadmap to the New Normal

Whether classes are online or in-person, Touro Nevada continues in its mission to provide high quality education. For information on classes and business operations, read Touro University Nevada's Roadmap to the New Normal and all Coronavirus updates. Touro Nevada students continue to provide free K-12 tutoring, undergraduate tutoring, or other community assistance. View #MedReady to learn more.

Students exiting the main entrance to Touro Nevada.

Student Government

Be the voice for your peers by participating in the Student Government Association. Create policies and plan activities for your peers while gaining valuable experience.

Student Government Associations

Be a leader among your peers. You will represent and advocate for the student body’s needs and requests as part of the Student Government Association.

  • Shadi Arjmand, OMSGA 
  • Justin Madriaga, PA20
  • Michael O'Reilly, PA21
  • Darkhishan Ali, OTD
  • Jeffrey Ryemon, DPT20
  • Alexandria Bartlett, MHS20 
  • Alfredo Mendoza, DPT21
  • Carmen Scuito, DPT22

Class Officers

Chief Officer - Ashlie Bloom 

Academic Representative - Lizi Klein 

PR Representative - Meggan Murphy

Chief Officer - Alison Boynton

Academic Representative - Amanda Hertzler

PR Representative - Victoria Lorah

Chief Officer - Kareem Ahmed 

Academic Representative - Parisun Shoga

PR Representative - Lily Chen

President - Alexandria Bartlett & Kevin Le

Vice President of Operations - Mariam Amjad

Vice President of Finance - Vivek Desai

Vice President of Philanthropy - Alyssa Caparelli

President: Jeff Ryemon 

Vice President: Jeff Banh 

Secretary: Celine Eskandari 

Treasurer: Irene Morrow 

Historian: Clarice Kim

NPTA Liaison: Katherine Gabler 

Social Chair: Tiffany Sunell

President - Alfredo C. Mendoza

Vice President - Jessica Fadgen

Treasurer – Matthew Hitchcock

Secretary – Shealin Sick

Social Chair – Michelle Young

Historian – Rachel Wismeth-Johnston

President - Carmen Scuito 

Vice President - Drake Chaves

Treasurer - Josh Ennis

Secretary - Greg McCuch

Historian - Crizlin Julian

APTA Liaison - Kelly McCracken

Social Chair - Patrick Turner

President - Justin Madriaga

Vice President of Student Affairs - Kristine-Gem Estrella

Vice President of Academic Affairs - Lisa Hathaway

Vice President of Finance - Paramjeet Bains

Director of Admission - Jae Rosales

Director of Mobile Health Clinic - Vanessa Pursel

External Affairs Director - Janelle Wanzek

President - Michael O'Reilly

Vice President of Academic Affairs - Ziad Shahin

Vice President of Student Affairs – Chelsey Nedza

Vice President of Finance and Records – Jennifer Zhu

AAPA Representative – Max Caudle

NAPA Representative – Elizabeth Kennelly

Director of External Affairs/Diversity – Elaine Ngo

Fundraising Chairs – Amy Constable, Michelle Woyshner

Historian/Green Chair – Russell McLeod

President - Darkhishan Ali

Vice President - Kortnie Hansen

Treasurer - Jay Maico

Publicity - Olivia Arriola

Social Coordinator - Gabrielle Vidmar