Online Resources

Touro Nevada Offers Online Resources to Help Employees and Students Work Remotely 

Technical Support


IT Department, Touro College Help Desk, Vendor Support (Canvas), AccessTUN Training, Instructional Designers, and CILT Website

IT Department Assistance


IT Department Assistance

Home Internet and Service Outages

If you have any questions or issues, please either complete the Question/Comment form on the COVID-19 webpage or send an email to

Online Students Resources

Lab research is virtually halted, but the University community is encouraged to reach out to the Research Department and Research Librarians to keep projects moving forward For more information, contact Dr. Cheryl Vanier, TUN Chief Research Officer, at 702-777-4784.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Barbour, Associate Professor at Touro University California, and the Touro College and University System IT Department, multiple resources are also available for teaching and working online.

For more information on these resources, please contact Dr. Jim O’Connor, Founding Dean Emeritus of the College of Education and Health Sciences, and Director of the Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching (CILT) for Western Division, from Touro University California.