Disaster Life Support Training

Disasters and mass casualties can happen anytime and anywhere.

The Stephen J. Cloobeck Regional Center for Disaster Life Support at Touro University Nevada is offering two National Disaster Life Support Foundation courses that will help you be prepared if you find yourself in a disaster or mass casualty. The certification you receive upon completion of these courses are invaluable in your career as well as those you will help.

The Basic Disaster Life Support™ (BDLS®) course is a 7.5 hour competency-based, awareness-level course that introduces concepts and principles to prepare health professionals for the management of injuries and illnesses caused by disasters and public health emergencies.  

The Advanced Disaster Life Support™ (ADLS®) course is an intense 15-hour course that allows participants to demonstrate competencies in mass casualty management. Note: You must complete the BDLS® course prior to taking the ADLS® course.