Library Policies

Review the policies and procedures before accessing the Jay Sexter Library at Touro Nevada.

This document outlines the policies and procedures for library access by Touro University Nevada affiliated students, residents, faculty, and staff.

This policy applies to all currently affiliated members of the Touro University Nevada community including students, residents, faculty, and staff.

Jay Sexter Library faculty and staff are responsible for the creation, implementation, and enforcement of the Library Access Policy and reserve the right to change policies and procedures as needed. Additional questions may be directed to (702) 777-1740 or

  1. Upon enrollment, students will be granted access to library resources and assigned a barcode number. It is the responsibility of the student to register for remote access and to review the Library Access Policy. 
  2. Faculty and staff will be granted optional access to the library, which shall be completed via reviewing the Library Access Policy and completing the Faculty and Staff Registration.
  3. Upon entering the library database system, all patrons are assigned a predesignated expiration date, in which their library access will be terminated. The expiration date for students is at the end of the month in which they confer. The expiration date for residents is at the end of the month in which they complete their residency. Faculty and staff have a universal expiration date of January 1, 2030.
  4. Jay Sexter Library faculty and staff reserve the right to change the Library Access Policy for alumni as needed. Updates and changes are also contingent upon policies and procedures of Touro University Nevada supporting departments including but not limited to the Office of Advancement, the Office of the Registrar, and Human Resources.
  1. Remote access is granted to all library users. It is the responsibility of the user to register for remote access. Availability of remote resources will vary based on terms of our licensing agreements.
  1. Any changes in status amongst the Touro University Nevada community will be reflected in the terms of library access. Patrons with “Active” and “Leave with Privileges” status are permitted to use library resources on campus and remotely. Patrons with “Separated” or “Inactive” status will be expired in the library database system and will not have access to library resources.
  2. Patrons with “Separated” or “Inactive” status who wish to use the library must first contact the Registrar or Human Resources to change their status to “Active.”
  3. The Jay Sexter Library keeps records of patron contact information including phone number, home/work address, email address, and University ID (T) number. Library faculty and staff reserve the right to use that information to contact patrons if needed.
  1. Upon matriculation, students are assigned a library barcode number that is used to check out materials and register for remote access. Faculty and staff are assigned a barcode number when they register for library use. Barcode numbers are attached to ID/Proxy cards of on-campus users or kept on file for distance students.
  2. In the event a user loses/misplaces their ID/Proxy card, a replacement badge may be ordered, and a new barcode will be assigned. It is the responsibility of the user to re-register for remote access once the new barcode has been assigned.
  3. Users must have their ID/Proxy card with barcode present when checking out physical materials.


  • Books, journals, and other items on reserve circulate for two hours and may not leave campus.
  • Books, journals, and other items in the open stacks circulate for seven days.
  • All Touro Nevada students, faculty, and staff may check out library materials.
  • Up to six items are allowed to be checked-out simultaneously.
  • Materials may be subject to recall after the initial loan period.
  • Books placed on reserve after being checked out are subject to immediate recall. Fines apply if recalled books are not returned within three days of notification.
  • Renewals may be requested in person or by calling (702) 777-1740.
  • Only one renewal per item is allowed. Items with a “hold” may not be renewed.
  • All materials should be returned to the reference desk.
  • Fines may be assessed for overdue materials. Fines are $1.00 per day for overdue materials and $1.00 per hour for reserve materials.
  • Items will be declared lost if not returned within one month. Borrowers will be charged full replacement costs, applicable fines and a $15.00 processing fee.
  • Transcripts will be held until charges are paid.
  • Users will be responsible for the replacement costs, applicable fines, and fees for damaged materials.
  • Any library user may request reference help via in-person, phone, or email. 
  1. All current library users will have access to the online library resources provided by Touro University Nevada. Access to those databases will continue as long as library license agreements permit their availability.
  2. Users may request Interlibrary Loan for physical and digital delivery of materials.


  1. The library is an official quiet study area.
  2. Food is permitted in the library as long as users are clean, quiet, and respectful of the library and its users.
  3. Non-members of the Touro community may use library resources by first registering for Guest Access. Contact the Library for further information at (702) 777-1740 or
  4. Cell phone calls must be made outside of the library.
  1. Jay Sexter Library welcomes both monetary and material donations that enhance the collections and expand the resources necessary to create and maintain a virtual library. Please contact the Office of Advancement at (702) 777-3100.

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