Touro University Nevada faculty members have a variety of research interests and specialties. Below is a list of some of the faculty member’s research projects and focus.

Dr. Vladimir Bonderenko’s current focus is on the molecular mechanisms of transcription in eukaryotes, specifically on the elongation stage of transcription.

Dr. Terry Else is working on the generation of biofilms by environmental microorganisms.

Dr. Sharon Gustowski is working on the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine the effects of a compression of the fourth ventricle technique on cerebrospinal fluid flow.

Dr. Jutta Guadagnoli’s current research interests involve cardiovascular response to acute and chronic hypoxia.

Dr. David Hartley is working on a basic cell stress response termed autophagy, or self-eating.

Dr. Marina Ioudina is studying the neuroprotective effect of two short peptides in an Alzheimer’s disease model.

Dr. Roy Krishna is researching human placental perfusion to study placental function in health and diseased states (pre-eclampsia, diabetes), materno-fetal transfer and substance abuse in pregnancy.

Dr. Jaya Pamidimukkala – Research interests are directed towards understanding neural regulation of blood pressure in pathologic states such as hypertension and how this differs in pre and postmenopausal women.

Dr. Mahboob Qureshi is working on the role of dendritic cells in the inadequate immune responses to Pneumocytis carinii in neonates, the immune response to concurrent infection with P. carinii and cytomegalovirus and respiratory syncytial virus-induced polarization of dendritic cells as it relates to a susceptibility to asthma.

Dr. Rouel S. Roque is researching cellular and molecular events during apoptotic cell death and the role of adult stem cells in regeneration or repair of degenerative retinal diseases and of cardiovascular disorders.

Dr. Amina Sadik is researching the effects of medicinal plant extracts on different cancer cell lines.

Dr. Michael Wells’ primary research interest is the study of problems involved in identification of the language pathways for the autistic children.

Dr. Todd Yokley is researching the long-term evolutionary effects of climate on the respiratory anatomy and physiology of recent and ancient human populations.