Intramural Grants (funded)

  • “RSV-induced polarization of dendritic cells and susceptibility to asthma” Principal investigator: Dr. Mahboob Qureshi; Microbiology/Immunology, Co-principal investigator: Dr. William Yang ; Primary Care
  • “Medical Plant Extracts: Study of Active Components and Their Effects on Leukemia”;Principal investigator: Dr. Amina Sadik; Biochemistry
  • “The Role of HIF-1 in Mediating Hypoxic Response” Principal investigator: Dr. Jutta Guadagnoli; Physiology
  • “Use of Diagnostic Imaging and Determine the Effects of Osteopathic Cranial Manipulation” Principal investigator: Dr. Sharon Gustowski; OMM
  • “Assessing the Needs of Male Gay Youth Related of Community and Social Support Services” Principal investigator: Dr. Karen Picus; Occupational Therapy
  • “The Neuroprotective Role of Peptides against Parkinson ’s Disease Toxins in Cultured Cells” Principal investigator: Dr. Marina Ioudina; Neuroscience
  • “Understanding virus induced autophagy” Principal investigator: Dr. David Hartley; Microbiology/Cell Biology

Intramural Grants (under review)

  • “Neuroimaging of Language Pathways in Autistic Children” Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Wells; Neuroscience
  • “Bioremediating Perchlorate Contamination” Principal investigator: Dr. Terry Ann Else; Microbiology
  • “Proinflammatory Effects of AngiotensinII in the area postrema and the effect of neuronal activity” Principal Investigator: Dr. Jayabala Pamidimukkala; Pharmacology/Neuroscience
  • “Model System to Study Transcriptional Mechanisms of Cardiac Myocytes Remodeling” Principal Investigator: Dr. Vladimir Bondarenko
  • “Piloting a Meal Assembly Intervention to Enhance the RENEW Weight Loss Program” Principal Investigator: Dr. Catana Brown; Occupational Therapy

Extramural Grants (funded)

  • “Homeless in Clark County Project” Principal investigator: Dr. Mitchell Forman. Funding agency: Schultz Engel Purpose Trust

Extramural Grants (under review)

  • “RSV-Induced Polarization of Dendritic Cell and Susceptibility to Asthma” Principal investigator: Dr. Mahboob Qureshi. Funding agency: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases